Yet another tech change and a new direction

Over the last... fifteen years, probably, I've been through several blog platforms and at least half a dozen combinations of programming languages, frameworks, and deployment targets. On the plus side, each time I get closer to actually releasing something. On the minus side, "closer."


Are you psychic?! Yes, Unity!

I started looking into this solely because it exports to a surreal number of platforms, but the reason I'm hoping to stick with it long-term is because it makes common game-related tasks unbelievably easy compared to the things I've done in standard Android Java. Now, yes, duh. But it's a little stunning to actually do it rather than just reading about it.

With the linked tutorial, which I found awesome, in under two hours I had the full gameplay for a very simple game running. Physics for free, collision detection for free, and for the stuff that isn't free, it's very easy to alter game objects' behavior via scripting. Granted, the best way to script Unity is with C# since that's what everyone seems to use, but that's a small price for all the tutorials it opens up (and apparently build speed is far better). It wouldn't actually be a problem to write your own code in Unity's JS-like language and import other people's open-sourced C# modules, though, since Unity doesn't care about mixing scripts.

So the gist of it is this: I'm moving from stock Android to Unity, with the hope that this will enable me not just to make games much more capably and quickly, but also to build them for multiple platforms, most importantly both Android and iOS.

So what about your vaporware, then?

As far as the game... well, what's been done for Android so far is extremely unlikely to ever get used for anything. The Python server, though, is still solid and I intend to repurpose it (which will take little to no work, since this effort petered out before it really did anything).

More importantly, the concept is getting swapped around. I'd intended this as a Disgaea-like, which is a concept I'd love to revisit, but the first thing I'm going to attempt in Unity is a bit different. One on one dueling with cards, though rather than playing minions or spells, your cards are armor, weapons, etc. that will be equipped to your character to improve his attacks and defense.

Hopefully this goes better than... everything else. Thanks for reading!


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