Unit Detail View Revisited: Spider charts, hit points, and magic points, oh my!

In another mild letdown, I've managed to do something visually cool without making any particularly impressive progress on the whole actual gameplay thing. But that's coming! I did diagram the fight API, so I think the next thing that gets done will be the actual UI for that. Exciting! In the meantime, a picture!

Bask in its glory!

Again, all of this is being generated randomly, including this poor lady's name. Kimberly seems to have chosen my grandfather's hairdresser... it's OK, though. She gets so many reincarnations it's unlikely she'll have to wait long for a replacement hairstyle.

The stats are included in that randomness; right now the HP and MP increases are determined directly on specific stat increases (which happen with weighted randomness), and this is almost certainly going to prove to be vastly over-simplistic, but for now it generates numbers that are fun to play with, so I'm happy.

The spider chart is generated by a mildly tweaked version of Android-Charts, a really nice library generously Apache-licensed for those of us wanting good charting on Android. The tweaking came in because it does make some assumptions about how many dimensions you want and hard-codes quite a few constants that didn't quite work for me, in addition to some of the text handling ending up being a bit off. Those are very minor things, though, and this is a great library provided graciously for public use.

Anyway, not the most substantial update, but I wanted to put at least some progress out there. Thanks for reading!


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