The Annual 2DRPG Update

Perhaps predictably, my last effort at picking up game development went about as well and as far as the previous ones (well, not nearly, actually, since I released exactly nothing last time).

At least this time I'm not attempting to switch game engines; we're still attempting Unity. I've since invested a bit of time in it (money as well; a second monitor has helped specifically with Unity dev), so we'll see.

So obviously 1GAM didn't work out, but then it's not as though they kick you out, so it's still something I can use/update. I'd intended to join GitHub's Game Off game jam, but the theme is 'retro,' which didn't exactly excite me. Which would normally be odd, because I adore retro games (particularly of the 16-bit variety).

Lately, though, I've been getting into incremental games. Not so much playing them as learning about them and how they work; the genre doesn't thrill me, but it does seem interesting, and it has a nice casual style that appeals to me as an aspiring game dev.

Considering this blog has never actually gotten attention and I'm more likely to get results on Twitter and Reddit, I don't know whether it'll actually be worth updating this. So if you're reading this in the far-flung future of doom... I assume I went up in smoke along with Tokyo, but hopefully I managed to release another game or two first.

Here we go!


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