One Game a Month and Twitter: Motivation attempt #1

I'm going all out this time! I've abandoned my Twitter avoidance, further challened myself to actually ship things by joining up with OneGameAMonth, and even laid out the (single) central mechanics for my first 11 games. No, seriously, it's not as stupid as it sounds.

That last part, at least.

Let me explain. Please?

Thank you! :D

Game Ideas (i.e. the easy part)...

I originally had three ideas, pulled from my lovely brainstorming text document (the ever-growing plaintext file where I keep the ideas I'd really love to implement some day, at least as far as games), which I'd planned to use to get my feet wet starting from scratch in Unity. I've worked through two tutorials so far, the 2D UFO Tutorial (which was excellent, and a great way to learn the 2D basics) and the 2D Roguelike Tutorial (which was... OK, despite being a bit outdated and having some irritating missteps in the video that required going back and debugging to find out the video's mistakes actually hadn't been made in the code).

Of the three I picked, two were reasonably simple, and my initial goal -- before finding 1GAM -- was to do at least the first two in a single month each.

...and what actually gets implemented. Hopefully.

After thinking about it further, though, and deciding I particularly liked the idea of starting, implementing, and finishing a game in a single month (both the experience of the full lifecycle and the practice with Unity), I decided to break those games, plus another that seemed to fit the bill, down into individual mechanics and implement a simple game for each.

This yielded 11 happy little self-contained sources of inspiration, which will hopefully evolve into lovely little playable bits of fun over the next yearish, accompanied by their Mystery Sibling, the Enigmatic Twelfth.

So! While we're already nearly a third of the way through September, I've decided to try and get an entry in this month. It works out pretty well this time, though, since part of the first simple game I had was a match 3+ mechanic, which seems like a pretty good place to start on a limited time budget.

A brief note on resources

I'd previously purchased Oryx' 16-bit Fantasy Sprites, which I've yet to release anything with, but which I've enjoyed tinkering with and certainly plan to use in the future.

One of those ideas, though, thoroughly lends itself to their 16-bit Sci-Fi Sprites, so I picked that up as well, and am definitely looking forward to applying, hopefully on one or more of these little projects, and then (or simultaneously) on something larger.

Thanks for reading!


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