Help, I'm being oppressed!

My nemesis and favorite game series, Disgaea, sucked up the better part of a thousand hours of my life… and I miss it terribly. With no mobile port in sight* and no interest in buying another console after my PS3 died, I'm left to fend for myself.

So I figured I'd take my favorite parts of it – specifically the ability to jump into and directly level up items and invasively customize otherwise-generic characters – and build a vaguely-related gacha-style game I'd actually want to play.

So here are the immediate goals:
  • Randomized unit generation
    • Barebones job system
      • Job-specific stat changes
      • Some equipment limited to some jobs
  • Turn-based combat
    • Highly Advanced AI
      • Computer opponent successfully randomly pokes at you

There's a massive list of stuff to come after that, but this is what I'm starting with. Planning on using Oryx' 16-bit Sci-Fi sprites, which gives me plenty of art to work with, and I'll be using Unity for development.

* It turns out there's actually a Disgaea gacha coming at some point to replace the one they killed years ago, but let's not have reality getting in the way of my fun.


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