First working websocket action(s)! Three steps forward, one and a half back

Despite having to abandon quite a bit of the more advanced Tornado-Redis interaction I was hoping for (the state of the art is apparently either kind of crap or a little beyond me just yet), I'm finally at the point where my lovely, speedy websocket server is taking orders and serving up piping hot data to the Android client. So the basics are technically in place!

To make a short story long:

  1. I have the basic data structures for units and items in place, and the unit list/detail views are what I'm starting with.
  2. When the Android app is opened, the client requests a refresh of its local data from the server, which responds with a full dump of the user's current units, items, parties, battle, etc.
  3. The client takes that data (currently just the basics of the units) and populates its local database with them.
  4. The list adapters are already in place to handle and display the unit information, sparase as it currently is.

It doesn't sound like much, and I suppose it really isn't, but getting this part working means the groundwork for pretty much every interaction the player has with the game is in place.

Maybe soon there will be pretty pictures! Well, screenshots, at least. With... pretty text. Or at least text.

Don't judge me!


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