Data models, translation, and a unit list. Exciting screenshot included!

After finishing this term's final exams (Japanese language school) yesterday, a nice, relaxing Thursday spent pulling my hair out over Java sounded great, so... little bit of masochism there, yes.

I actually made quite a bit of progress!

  • As far as the data models, units, unit types, items, item types, unit stats, sprites, and player parties are now in the beginning of what I'd call a mature state.
  • All labels and in-game text (including the names of unit and item types) are now set up to be translatable.
  • The list view for units shows their images! Not exactly the biggest challenge, but a minor pain, and now at least I can show something that isn't text. Well... it's still mostly text. Note: I'm using Oryx' 16-bit fantasy sprite set for this.
  • The opening and closing transitions for the list/detail/etc containers are much cleaner.

Oh, right: A note on the names. I'm using a Python package to generate them randomly, since I'm a little strange like that.

The units themselves are generated randomly in response to a special request from the client that's only available in debug mode (though the code that's doing it should be useful for generating random units as well as enemies further down the line).

It's still not anything you'd really call a game, as there's not really anything to do, but I think this is a pretty good step. And it's nice to get back to working on it. :)


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