Match 3: Motion, replacement, and mysteriously missing objects

Well, that was less than fun. Marginally productive, though.

I managed to get my remaining cubes to fill in the spaces left by my randomly-exploding cubes; I even managed to get them to do so from a rotating source direction, which is pretty cool to watch. Unfortunately, the part where new cubes happily hop in to fill the newly-lonely rows... well, that hasn't worked.

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Match 3: Starting with the GUI in Unity

Today's time on the project was marked/marred by things that perhaps should've been obvious. I've discovered that, while a lot of the scripting is pretty easy and the UI makes a lot of otherwise very complex things somewhere between easy and hilariously trivial, there are some very important basics that I clearly don't get the way I need to. Primarily: 2D coordinates. Which feels a little pathetic.

On the plus side, I managed to work around that, and there's a pretty, pretty picture to prove it!

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1GAM #1: Match 3 with Rotation

As mentioned last time, I ripped the basic elements out of several reasonably simple game ideas to come up with obnoxiously basic game ideas -- essentially single game mechanics out of which I intend to create one game a month using Unity. My intention is to target Android with all of them, as that's the platform I'm mainly interested in working with.

Up first: Match 3.

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Unit detail view!

Yep! Not exactly a huge advancement, but hey, it's something else to show off. Unit listing and detail views were the first thing I wanted to get running, partially to make sure I was actually getting the right info from the server, and partially to have something to look at for encouragement as I start getting into the actual difficult parts.

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First working websocket action(s)! Three steps forward, one and a half back

Despite having to abandon quite a bit of the more advanced Tornado-Redis interaction I was hoping for (the state of the art is apparently either kind of crap or a little beyond me just yet), I'm finally at the point where my lovely, speedy websocket server is taking orders and serving up piping hot data to the Android client. So the basics are technically in place!

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A few more failures, but forward motion!

In another (hopefully temporary) retreat, after exhaustively testing tornado-redis' connections and deciding that either I utterly fail to understand them or they Just Don't Work, I ripped them out and went with the standard Python redis library. Which, of course, works like a charm. Go figure.

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Updates, and when/whether you should expect them

Yep, I'm going to flatter myself a little bit here.

Assuming anyone is interested enough to keep tabs, I'm going to go ahead and lay out how I'm hoping to do things and what that means both for this project and for this blog. If you actually read this, let alone anything that follows it... I love you a little bit.

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Yet another blog engine switch

Today's victim: Nikola

I've gone through several platforms in my ongoing attempt to fail at blogging as often as possible. This site previously ran on Textpattern, which I liked, but the admin area was... confused. Also, I kind of forgot to update it for about seven years, and applying all those fixes at once... well, it wasn't happy. Understandably so.

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