The Annual 2DRPG Update

Perhaps predictably, my last effort at picking up game development went about as well and as far as the previous ones (well, not nearly, actually, since I released exactly nothing last time).

At least this time I'm not attempting to switch game engines; we're still attempting Unity. I've since invested a bit of time in it (money as well; a second monitor has helped specifically with Unity dev), so we'll see.

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1GAM #1: Match 3 with Rotation

As mentioned last time, I ripped the basic elements out of several reasonably simple game ideas to come up with obnoxiously basic game ideas -- essentially single game mechanics out of which I intend to create one game a month using Unity. My intention is to target Android with all of them, as that's the platform I'm mainly interested in working with.

Up first: Match 3.

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Unit detail view!

Yep! Not exactly a huge advancement, but hey, it's something else to show off. Unit listing and detail views were the first thing I wanted to get running, partially to make sure I was actually getting the right info from the server, and partially to have something to look at for encouragement as I start getting into the actual difficult parts.

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A few more failures, but forward motion!

In another (hopefully temporary) retreat, after exhaustively testing tornado-redis' connections and deciding that either I utterly fail to understand them or they Just Don't Work, I ripped them out and went with the standard Python redis library. Which, of course, works like a charm. Go figure.

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Yet another blog engine switch

Today's victim: Nikola

I've gone through several platforms in my ongoing attempt to fail at blogging as often as possible. This site previously ran on Textpattern, which I liked, but the admin area was... confused. Also, I kind of forgot to update it for about seven years, and applying all those fixes at once... well, it wasn't happy. Understandably so.

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